The National Institute of Health Research has published the results of a survey which collected feedback from 8,507 individuals about their experience of taking part in health research. 

90% of the respondents reported they would agree or strongly agree that they had a good experience of taking part in research and 93% reported they would agree or strongly agree they were given all the information need in relation to the study.

The report suggests makes five recommendations to improve participant experience across the study life cycle:

  1. Ensure site research staff are supported and have sufficient time allocated to build excellent working relationships with patients taking part in the study.
  2. Ensure the right information is available in the right place at the right time as participants proceed through the study.
  3. Actively appreciate the motivation of patients for joining a study and be prepared to explain health issues.
  4. Carefully consider participant’s pathway through consenting and starting a study to subsequent study ‘visits’ in the way the study and sites are organised.
  5. Carefully consider the effects of the environment participants will be moving through.

Read the full report.

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