Research and innovation in the NHS

Research and innovation in the NHS is vital to ensure that new research ideas are developed into new treatments and services to help patients.

Charities fund research in the NHS

Our member charities work with the NHS in different ways.

In 2016, they funded 29% of non-commercial research in the NHS allowing 170,000 people to take part in clinical studies.

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Giving patients faster access to new treatments

The NHS has the potential to test and implement innovative new treatments by using the latest research findings. This means the best possible treatments are made available sooner to all patients.

The AMRC welcomes government commitments to speeding up the process of turning research findings into treatments.

Patient data

The NHS’s unique capacity to collect, store and share patient data underpins its ability to facilitate world-leading research and implement innovative new treatments.

We work with Department of Health and Social Care and other groups to ensure that this data is joined up and readily accessible to our members.

Ultimately, patient data enables researchers to improve and save lives.

Rare diseases

The size and scale of NHS is particularly important for research into rare diseases, where multicentre studies are the only way to access the numbers of patients needed for robust research. Pan-EU or multi-nation approaches to clinical trials are also crucial for these patients.  

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