The fifth annual Life Science Competitiveness Indicators report 2019 has been published by DHSC, OLS, and BEIS. The report includes data on the life sciences sector in the UK and other countries, including:

  • R&I spend (including from the various sectors in the UK)
  • Patients enrolled and recruited to trials
  • Academic citations by country
  • Number of people employed in the manufacture of products
  • Global imports and exports of various products
  • Life sciences foreign direct investment
  • Speed and volume of NICE Technology appraisals
  • Per capital uptake of new medicines (NICE approved and non-NICE reviewed)
  • Percentage of graduates from science subjects

Page 9 of the report shows non-industry spend on R&I in the UK which shows the contribution of our member charities and is adapted from an AMRC infographic.

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