New genetic data from 50,000 people has today become available for health researchers, offering an unprecedented resource to enhance understanding of human biology and aid in therapeutic discovery.

The new tranche of UK Biobank exome sequence data is available for the global health research community, consistent with the founding principles of UK Biobank – a major national resource for health research, funded primarily by UK Research and Innovation’s Medical Research Council (MRC) and the Wellcome Trust.

UK Biobank recruited 500,000 people aged between 40-69 years in 2006-2010 from across the country to take part in this project. They have undergone measures, provided blood, urine and saliva samples for future analysis, detailed information about themselves and agreed to have their health followed.

Over many years this will build into a powerful resource to help scientists discover why some people develop particular diseases and others do not.

For further information visit the UKRI website.

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