The National Data Guardian for Health and Social Care (NDG) has launched a public consultation on its priorities and is seeking views from those with an interest in the use and safeguarding of health and care data which runs until 22 March.

In December 2018, Parliament passed the Health and Social Care (National Data Guardian) Act 2018, which enshrines the NDG role in law and gives it the power to issue guidance on matters related to the processing of health and adult social care data. In preparation for the move to this new operational phase/state, the NDG has proposed a set of broad priorities that will shape the direction of its work over the coming years:

  1. Encouraging access and control: individuals and their health and care data
  2. Using patient data in innovation: a dialogue with the public
  3. Getting the basics right: information sharing for individual care
  4. Safeguarding a confidential health and care system

The NDG would like to hear from a wide range of voices, including patients, the public and those who use health and care data every day in their jobs.

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