We would like to invite you to comment on changes we’ve made to our Member Briefing e-newsletter. In response to your feedback, we have redesigned it to improve usability across different platforms and bring it more in line with the branding on our website. 

What has changed?

  • The overall newsletter is now shorter, with clickable links to read about stories in more detail
  • The side bar has been removed to make the newsletter easier to read on mobile
  • Events news is now nearer the top and featured as a button link
  • The background has been changed to white for accessibility and ease of sharing
  • Research calls were the least valued aspect of the newsletter, so we are now going to tweet about research opportunities rather than put them in our newsletter, follow us @AMRC to hear about the latest research opportunities.

What has stayed the same?

  • Same overview of AMRC, sector, policy and research news
  • Same comprehensive events listings now as a button link

Please tell us your views on the newsletter redesign by completing this short survey.

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