Alongside the launch of our guidance on undertaking digital partnerships at Delving into Digital, we will be hosting table talks that aim to allow our members to speak with key industry stakeholders to discuss the new guidelines and share respective hesitations in entering partnerships. These are a must-attend for anyone who would like to have a direct impact on how industry view and approach partnerships with charities.  

Delving into Digital will also see sessions on what ethical principles should be adhered to in developing solutions, and what questions charities should ask when considering entering a collaboration. DataKind have done extensive, in-depth research to work to answer these questions and will be running sessions at Delving into Digital to discuss their findings and to start the critical conversation around ethics in digital. The session will be very interactive and will see ethics taken beyond concepts on-paper and applied to real-world examples to maximise value and put theory into practice. This exercise will be extremely useful for charities struggling to know how to broach the ethical issues surrounding tech, or who have important insights into these based on past experience that need to be shared.  

Both sessions will be small to ensure all attendees can actively participate, meaning spaces are limited. If you or a colleague would like to secure a place, please register to attend the event and let us know which session(s) you would like to sign up for.

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