The IP working group was formed in 2016 to advise AMRC’s executive council on updating the AMRC guidance on intellectual property (IP).

In 2017-18, it oversaw the revision of AMRC's IP guidance. 

Published in September 2018, the new guidance provides an updated framework for charities developing their own policies and processes to help them protect their right to IP and to income generated, so that they can use it to fund more vital research.

AMRC first developed guidance on Intellectual property (IP) for its members in 1997.

In the intervening 20 years, all parts of the research ecosystem have become more focused on ensuring that research is translated and exploited, and charities have become much more aware of their responsibility to be actively involved in the management of IP, to

  • Ensure that appropriate revenues are returned to the charity
  • Increase knowledge of how IP is being exploited as a measure of impact
  • Reduce any reputational risk (where charity funded IP is exploited in ways that might damage the charities reputation)