Not if, but when...’ these were the ominous words that began our inaugural Finance Directors meeting discussing what to do in the event of a cyber-attack, hosted by our new supporters Innovation Broking.

Danny Steed (Head of Strategy at ReSolve Cyber and self-confessed ‘Professional Nerd’) led the group through an interactive experience, exploring the steps that should be taken immediately following a ransomware cyber-attack and provided instructive discussion on how to prioritise internal decisions using a true-to-life scenario based on his in-depth knowledge of recent incidents.

Once the cyber threat had been suitably neutralised, Jonathan and Howard from Innovation Broking provided take home objectives which could be put into action on how to minimise the risk following an incident and how to best prepare charities against cyber-attacks.

It was a fascinating and stimulating workshop for all present and a provided the perfect kick off meeting for our new Financial Directors Network. If you are interested in joining the network or would like to find our more information please contact the Secretariat for the group Emily.

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