Full report: https://www.amrc.org.uk/making-a-difference-impact-report-2019

Key findings at a glance:

Published 13 March 2019

This report highlights the concrete ways that medical research charities make a difference to people and society through the research they fund.

AMRC is helping some of our members use an online tool called Researchfish that allows them to collect data on the outcomes of their research funding over time. Collecting data in this consistent way allows us to pool data together from many different charities and perform an in-depth cross sector analysis of the outcomes of the research funded by our members.

This report follows on from our initial 2017 impact report, incorporating two more years of Researchfish data from 44 AMRC members and new stories of how charity-funded research has made an impact in the real world. The report is structured around five areas of impact (learn more in this animation).