An organisation can only be as good as the people it recruits. Staffing decisions are among the most important that charities make. Over recent years, employment law has become increasingly wide-ranging and ever more complex - subject to constant change. Consequently, our member charities need to take a proactive approach to managing employees and the working environment.

The first step towards a better, more effective workplace is assessing one’s own performance relative to peers and identifying areas where improvements can be made. The best way to do this is benchmarking; collecting information on HR practices and policies from organisations across the sector. But we know benchmarking can be a very time-consuming activity and finding the right organisations to benchmark against can be challenging at best, so we decided to support our members in this endeavour.

We’ve produced a report for our member charities to compare and reflect on their HR policies and practices and make changes where necessary to attract and retain the talent that is key to their success. If you would like to access the report contact our research officer, Alice.

You can also explore the key findings from the report in this infographic.