About the network

Within the AMRC membership there is a wide range of charity sizes. Some charities have dedicated HR staff while others outsource HR work or rely on staff in other roles to cover these duties. Several of our members expressed a need for an HR-focused community and in response AMRC has established an HR network.

If you are a staff member at an AMRC member charity and would like to join the HR network to be informed of relevant resources and events, please get in touch with Jocelyn.

HR advisory group

The network is supported by an advisory group of approximately a dozen members from different AMRC charities. The key values of the group are trust and transparency. The aims of the HR advisory group are to:

  • Identify key topics that merit further discussion, like reward benchmarking, talent management, diversity and inclusion, and HR systems.
  • Create outputs that will be of use to the wider HR network, like surveys, guidance documents, and events.

HR benchmarking

In May 2018 we circulated a survey of 50 questions to our member charity CEOs and formal representatives. The resulting report is the first of its kind, providing UK medical research charities with crucial benchmarking data to inform the management of their organisations and staff.