The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is developing guidelines on the following topics:

  • Investigation and management of heart valve disease in adults
  • Prevention of pelvic organ prolapse

NICE is also checking the following topics to see whether they need updating:

  • CG112 Sedation in under 19s: using sedation for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • CG190 Intrapartum care for healthy women and babies
  • PH52 Needle and syringe programmes
  • CG52 Drug misuse in over 16s: opioid detoxification
  • CG60 Otitis media with effusion in under 12s: surgery
  • PH3 Sexually transmitted infections and under-18s conceptions: prevention
  • CG148 Urinary incontinence in neurological disease: assessment and management
  • CG89 Child maltreatment: when to suspect maltreatment in under 18s
  • CG75 Metastatic spinal cord compression in adults: risk assessment, diagnosis and management
  • CG151 Neutropenic sepsis: prevention and management in people with cancer
  • CG162 Stroke rehabilitation in adults
  • NG5 Medicines optimisation: the safe and effective use of medicines to enable the best possible outcomes
  • CG76 Medicines adherence: involving patients in decisions about prescribed medicines and supporting adherence

If you would like to register your organisation as a stakeholder for any of these topics, please login or complete the registration form on NICE’s website. For each topic, a maximum of 2 people may be listed as contacts for your organisation.

The names of all organisations registered as stakeholders for each topic will be posted on the NICE website. NICE will also send contact details of registered stakeholders to the guideline developer (the team developing the guideline), so that the developer can contact them during guideline development.

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