Geographical breakdown over time

The 2017 AMRC research portfolio database allows us to provide a detailed analysis of the research activity of our members. The proportion of spending in each region within the UK has been approximately constant since 2008.


Source: AMRC research portfolio database

Charitable spend compared to population

Using proportion-of-the-UK-population as a benchmark for the proportion of charitable funding you might expect a region to attract, you can see that charity research funding in England and Scotland was in line with their proportions of the UK population. Funding in Northern Ireland and Wales was slightly lower than their proportions of the UK population.

Source: AMRC research portfolio database; ONS

Health areas

The chart below shows the five health areas that received the highest proportion of charity research funding in the UK as a whole in 2014. For each health area, we show what proportion of the total charity research spend in each region is invested in that condition. This analysis is based on awards that were active in 2014, and provides an estimate of the proportion of expenditure within that calendar year.

Source: AMRC research portfolio database; Active grants in 2014 from 52 member charities (95% of the AMRC member research spend in the UK) were coded according to the Health Research Classification system (HRCS).