Millions of NHS patients will have their genetic information analysed and used for research into predictive medicine under a new programme from Genomics England, called Accelerating Detection of Disease (ADD).

Anonymised data from up to five million volunteers will be used to develop personalised treatments and diagnostic tools using artificial intelligence (AI).

Volunteers will have their genomes analysed to identify their risk of developing diseases like cancer or heart disease, and will receive a free personalised health report based on their DNA.

The project follows the 100,000 Genomes Project, which ran from 2013 to 2018 and led to roughly one in four participants with a rare disease receiving a diagnosis.

Health minister, Nicola Blackwood, said: “Prioritising life-saving research and innovation means we can unlock solutions to deadly conditions like cancer, dementia and heart disease – saving lives and securing the health of the next generation.

“To achieve this, we must harness the power of technology, so I am delighted with today’s investment from businesses and charities – a huge boost for healthcare innovation which will help patients lead longer, happier lives.”

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