The Digital Advisory Group was brought together in 2017 after AMRC’s inaugural Delving into Digital event. It was established to provide oversight and guidance on how best to enable medical research charities to leverage the potential digital offers for improving patients’ lives.

Responsibilities have included consulting on the creation of guidance on best practice for collaborating with tech industry and ethical principles for undertaking digital health research. The group also assists in the planning of the now annual Delving into Digital conference.

The Digital Advisory Group aims to:

  • Bring expertise and knowledge together from charities who are undertaking work and partnerships within digital health
  • Have external speakers attend to provoke discussion of key issues and barriers to tapping into the opportunities of digital
  • Identify strategic activities that AMRC could undertake to accelerate the development of digital solutions to benefit to patients

If your charity is doing pioneering work within digital health, and you would like to share what you have learned from your experiences with the wider sector, please contact Lotte for further information on the Digital Advisory Group.

If you are interested in learning more about digital health, our monthly Digital Health Bulletins provide a digestible summary of the latest developments from across tech industry, government, academia and the charity sector. Please contact Lotte if you would like to subscribe to receive the bulletins via email.