About the community

After 30 years of supporting the research and policy staff of our member charities AMRC decided it's time to do the same for those in communications. Some charities have dedicated communications staff while others outsource communications work or rely on staff in other roles to cover these duties. Many members have expressed a need for a communications-focused community and AMRC is working to build just that.

So far over 70 people from different organisations and roles with differing levels of communications experience have joined the community and it is continuing to grow.

Every three months the community meets, a communications expert gives a brief talk on a chosen theme and there is a facilitated discussion and brainstorm session. Time is also set aside at the end of the meeting for informal networking in a nearby cafe or bar.

We communicate via a mailing list and we have an online forum on Slack to enable open conversation and exchange of advice and resources.


The group will help to...

  • Increase awareness and preparedness for big cross-cutting issues affecting medical research
  • Share benchmarks for communications activities
  • Identify relevant resources and events to attend
  • Spark new ideas for campaigns
  • Facilitate introductions and joint working

If you are a staff member at an AMRC member charity and would like to join COMMSunity please get in touch with Leo.