On 21 December 2018, the Department of Health and Social Care issued further EU Exit Operational Readiness Guidance for providers and commissioners of health and adult social care services in England to prepare for a no-deal scenario. The guidance summarises the areas where the Department is focusing no-deal contingency planning and where local action is required. These include: supply of medicines and vaccines; supply of medical devices and clinical consumables; supply of non-clinical consumables, goods and services; workforce; reciprocal healthcare; research and clinical trials; and data sharing, processing and access. The guidance was published alongside 2 letters to commissioners and providers of adult social care. The Brexit Health Alliance, of which AMRC is a member, issued a statement on the guidance.

Last week the MHRA also published an updated guidance note on the regulation of medicines, medical devices and clinical trials if there’s no Brexit deal. The UK Parliament is scheduled to vote on the Government’s Withdrawal Agreement early next week.

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