20 December 2016
The current state of health data is like that of a teenager: growing like a weed, revealing both brilliant insights and unintelligible rubbish and in need of careful parenting to guide it through new territory.
19 December 2016
Baroness Delyth Morgan, Chief Executive of Breast Cancer Now, speaker at the Patients First conference in 2016, tells us why patient centricity is so crucial in delivering progress in medical research.
12 December 2016
Simon Denegri, NIHR National Director for Patients and the Public in Research Chair, INVOLVE, highlights the importance of cross-sector collaboration for patient-centric research.
24 November 2016
Chis Molloy, Chief Executive at Medicines Discovery Catapult, explains why putting the voice and insight of patients centre-stage is essential if we are to find new ways to accelerate discovery and development.
21 November 2016
Mike Johnson, Director of Business Development at MRC Technology, highlights the importance of a collaborative approach to medical research across a range of diseases.
18 November 2016
Dr Till Bruckner, AllTrials Campaign Manager at Sense About Science tells us about the AllTrials roadmap which shows people and groups what they can do to get all trials registered and results reported. Dr Bruckner invites medical research charities to contribute their ideas, expertise and experiences...
17 November 2016
Nick Perkins from Brain Tumour Research discusses the progress the charity has made in working with the government to influence brain tumour research policy.
16 November 2016
Aisling Burnand, AMRC Chief Executive, gives us a sneak peak into the insights she has in store for us at the Patients First conference on 28 November.
15 November 2016
Dr David Montgomery, Medical Director of Pfizer Oncology UK, gives us a sneak peak into the insights he has in store for us at the Patients First conference on 28 November.
14 November 2016
We all want to put patients first – to make the research we fund relevant to patients, listening to their concerns and answering their needs. In this guest blog, Isabelle Abbey-Vital, Research Involvement Officer, Parkinson's UK talks about how Parkinson’s UK have demonstrated the benefits of involving patients and the public in Parkinson’s research.