Key principles

  • AMRC charities are committed to supporting research in UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
  • AMRC believes that government is primarily responsible for provision of the UK biomedical science base
  • Where it is within their charitable objects and appropriate for them to do so, AMRC encourages its member charities to contribute towards a sustainable science base in HEIs through the support of longer term funding for people and facilities
  • HEIs should understand the full economic costs of proposed research facilities or activities when seeking financial support from charities
  • Charities will not normally meet the full economic costs of the research they are supporting, especially for responsive mode funding
  • HEIs will be expected to contribute resources from QR, including the charitable support fund, in order to meet the full costs of research in partnership with charities
  • Charities will not contribute a percentage overhead towards general university infrastructure
  • Charities are unlikely to respond positively to demands to fund research activity on the basis of a fixed percentage of research costs (as is proposed for research councils)
  • AMRC will work with member charities and HEIs to develop new models of partnership funding that will enable charities of all sizes to develop their commitment to research in a sustainable way.

Download the position statement here