This year we're running a series of eight events called, 'A Brief Guide to...' these 2-hour long events will be focused on a specific theme, to provide AMRC members with a short, intensive course in a variety of subjects including:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Funding
  • Research Culture
  • Research Policy
  • Impact
  • Research in the NHS
  • Data
  • Clinical Trials

We've developed a loyalty card for this series of events, giving our members the chance to earn some free places. Formal reps of each member charity will be responsible for maintaining an organisations loyalty card.


  • A unique stamp will be provided to attendees following all ‘A Brief Guide to…’ events. Forward this stamp on to your formal AMRC representative to add to your organisation’s loyalty card. Once 5 stamps have been collected the formal representative can send the completed card to [email protected] to claim your free place!
  • One stamp will be issued per individual who attends any ‘A Brief Guide to…’ event. Multiple stamps can be added to the card from the same event if more than one member of staff from your organisation attended.
  • Stamps from different staff members can be collated on one loyalty card. Once completed, a new stamp card can be started.
  • The free event place can only be used in conjunction with the ‘A brief guide to…’ series of events.
  • If you have any questions, contact AMRC Event Lead Gill, [email protected]

Click the image below to download your loyalty card.