Our strategy

In 2016 we set out to develop a new strategic framework for 2016-19. We consulted our members to identify what they need from AMRC in the future.

The outcome, our five strategic objectives:

  1. Providing leadership and future focus: To campaign to ensure the best possible environment for health and medical research charities in the UK so the patients benefit from the fruits of research
  2. Emphasising the benefits of patient-centric research: To work with our members and the life sciences ecosystem to ensure patients’ views are embedded into all appropriate stages of research processes and systems
  3. Demonstrating impact: To encourage and foster best practice by being an independent provider of key sector data that allows members to benchmark and measure their impact
  4. Encouraging working in partnership: To support charities to maximise the use of their resources and impact by developing new collaborations and innovative partnerships with each other and with other funders including industry
  5. Campaigning for a supportive funding environment: To continue to provide an excellent membership service which offers value for money and supports the policy, research, partnership and impact agendas