Since 2010 the CRSF has been fixed at £198 million per annum. Due to inflation, this has resulted in a real-terms decrease of £33.6 million over 7 years. To be eligible for CRSF, income from charities must have been awarded through peer review and open competition. Research funded by all AMRC members is eligible for the CRSF. The CRSF, as part of non-mainstream quality-related (QR) funding, is not administered according to Research Excellence Framework (REF) scores.

Universities report the income they have received from charitable sources annually to HEFCE. Until this year, the amount of CRSF awarded to universities was calculated pro rata to research income from eligible charitable sources in the two most recent years. For 2017-18, the allocation system for CRSF changed. Allocations are now calculated pro rata to research income in the most recent four-year period. Averaging research income over a longer period of time reduces year-on-year fluctuations caused by significant one-off charitable grants, e.g. those for an asset such as a building or equipment.