Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is aimed at those new to, or simply confused by, the world of policy & public affairs. It's for those who are new to a role in policy & public affairs in the medical research sector, or those whose role involves a lot of interaction with policy teams but who aren't really sure what the policy team does.


What will you get out of attending the workshop?

A broad and clear introductory level understanding of how policy & public affairs works in the medical research sector. And perhaps more importantly you'll get to meet with a group of people in similar roles who might become your support network for help and collaborations in the future.


What's on the agenda?


09.00 Registration and coffee

09.20 Welcome & Ice breaker

Opportunity to share what we want to learn from the day

Session 1: What is Policy?

09:30 Facilitated group session

09:45 Panel discussion: How to do policy development

 A panel discussion to explore how different organisations approach policy development.

10:30 Refreshment break

Session 2: Who to influence

10:45 Who's who: The key to research and health stakeholders

MPs, Ministers, Peers, civil servants… who’s hot and who’s not in influencing the research and health policy landscape. 

11:30 Stakeholder mapping and engagement strategies

Techniques to determine and prioritise key stakeholders. 

12:00 Over to you: stakeholder mapping exercise

12:30 Lunch

Session 3: How to Influence

13:30 Parliamentary committees: what you need to know

 What’s their role? How do they influence? What makes the perfect inquiry response? 

14:00 Engaging with MPs and Peers

What are the key tips and tricks? What’s the deal with PQs

14:30 Elevator pitches: group activity

15:00 Refreshment break

15:15 Session 4: Engaging with Civil Servants

Is ‘Yes, Minister’ really true? How can you work effectively together?  

15:35 Session 5: Party Conferences, how to get more out of Conference season than just freebies

15:55 Buidling coalitions: How to influence by working collaboratively

16:10 Round Off

16:20 close


Congratulations you’re now a policy wonk!