Welcome to our new workshop, covering everything* you've ever wanted to know about policy & public affairs but didn't know who to ask. With a mixture of presentations and workshop-style activities, this event presents a great opportunity to explore the world of policy and meet others who want to do the same. 

*Well, almost everything, we only have a one-day workshop but we'll cover as much as we can!

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is aimed at those new to, or simply confused by, the world of policy & public affairs. It's for those who are new to a role in policy & public affairs in the medical research sector, or those whose role involves a lot of interaction with policy teams but who aren't really sure what the policy team does.

What will you get out of attending the workshop?

A broad and clear introductory level understanding of how policy & public affairs works in the medical and health research sector. And perhaps more importantly you'll get to meet with a group of people in similar roles who might become your support network for help and collaborations in the future.

What's on the agenda?

Click through to the Eventbrite page to take a look.

Booking for this event has now closed.