Join us

For a one-day masterclass, looking at what evaluating research outcomes and measuring impact means for health and medical research charities, with top tips on how best to analyse and disseminate impact. 

Who's it for?

Research managers and research evaluation specialists working in AMRC member charities, and colleagues working in other health and medical research charities.

Key aims

  • Understand what impact and evaluation means for your charity
  • Identify impacts for different types of research funding 
  • Explore how your charity can analyse and show your impact
  • Find out about tools and software that help with impact and evaluation.


09:00 Registration, tea & coffee

09:20 Welcome & icebreaker

09:30 Introduction by AMRC

09:45 Session 1: Planning for and facilitating impact

09:45 International funder approaches to research impact and its assessment

Key impact recommendations for funders based on scientific literature review and interviews with international funders.


10:10 Planning for and tackling barriers to impact

Developing an impact model and how to tackle barriers that prevent research findings from being translated into real impact for people.


10:35 Facilitating the translation of research to impact

Insights on how to incorporate patients and other stakeholders outside of academia into the research process to facilitate impact.


11:10 Refreshment break


11:25 Session 2: Evidencing impact

Quick fire presentations from a range of experts exploring the pros and cons of different approaches to tracking and measuring impact through four questions:


  • Do you prioritise evidencing particular types of impact- what and why?
  • When and how often do you collect impact information?
  • What systems and tools do you use?
  • What data do you collect and what key metrics do you use?


12:45 Lunch


13:45 Session 3: Communicating impact

How to develop messaging around your impact and effectively communicate these messages.


13:45 Combining numbers and stories

How to pair your data and case studies or testimonials to satisfy the head and the heart and create a compelling narrative about your organisation’s impact.


14:10 Impact from all angles

Impact on people and society can result from a wide range of activities, including research, support, campaigning and innovative partnerships. How can you capture and communicate all aspects of how your organisation makes a difference?


14:35 Refreshment break


14:50 Session 4: Making the most of your impact

Don’t let your impact report waste away on a shelf – re-use and tailor for different audiences and purposes. Two funders share examples of how they maximise their impact content to make it reach further.


14:50 Case study 1


15:15 Case study 2


15:45 Reflections


16:00 Close

 Cancellation policy

There are no refunds for this event, but if you find that you cannot attend after purchasing your ticket, you are more than welcome to send someone else from your organisation in your place if you let us know in advance.