The Byte of Digital events are a series of casual networking evenings aimed at giving charities the chance to hear from companies working at the forefront of digital health who are looking to collaborate with charities. The events will encourage charities and the companies to discuss opportunities in digital, and how they might work together to best capture these and improve people’s lives. This will be facilitated by led interactive sessions followed by informal networking and drinks.

There will be four events in total, which will range from big names in tech to more agile startups.

Byte of Digital #1 - 19th November 2019

Byte of Digital #2 - 21st January 2019

Byte of Digital #3 - 18th February 2019

Byte of Digital #4 - 24th March 2019


Those responsible for or involved in digital within their medical research charity. The number of attendees will be limited to facilitate practical discussions among participants.