Health Data Research UK is leading a £22 million competition to create up to five centres of excellence to pioneer the use of health data for research and innovation.


These centres – known as Digital Innovation Hubs – will enable researchers and innovators to have greater access to health data from the NHS, social care and research laboratories.


As well as helping to answer the most important and complex questions about our health and disease, the aim is to use data to radically improve people’s health and care by diagnosing disease earlier, finding new treatments and cures for diseases, speeding up drug development, and giving people faster access to more personalised treatments.


The Hubs will be tasked with ensuring the safe and responsible use of health data and involving and working with patients to ensure that benefits are returned to the NHS for the greater public good. They will be selected through a competition process led by the Medical Research Council and are expected to be established by the end of 2020. 

NHSX is holding a Digital Innovation Hub Webinar (18 June 11am-12pm) and a Digital Innovation Hub Networking Meeting (21 May, 3pm-5pm) in the early part of the competition phase. All events are aimed at people interested in applying to establish a Hub, including organisations in health and care, academia, industry, charities and other public sector.

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