On Monday, the Chancellor delivered the Government’s annual Budget. Self-titled Fiscal Phil reiterated the Prime Minister’s commitment made earlier this year to boost the NHS England budget by  £20.5 billion for the NHS over five years, indicating that £2 billion of this would be spent on mental health. He also confirmed that the anticipated long-term plan for NHS England will be published before the end of the year and that a new mental health crisis service will feature. An extra £650 million of spending on social care will also be available for 2019/20.

For science and research, the Chancellor announced £1.6 billion for R&D, of which £55 million is thought to be new money. The bulk of this funding is allocated to the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF), with £1.1 billion to support technologies of the future. With the Budget anticipated to be the last full fiscal event before the UK leaves the EU, £500 million of further funding was also announced for government departments to prepare for Brexit.

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