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AMRC response to BIS Committee inquiry on Government's new industrial strategy
14 October 2016
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AMRC welcomes the Prime Minister’s intention to deliver a “proper industrial strategy”. The life sciences sector must be central to the development of this industrial strategy, which gains increasing importance in the context of the UK’s new relationship with the EU.
AMRC's submission to the S&T Committee (Commons) Role and priorities of UKRI interim chair inquiry
13 October 2016
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A number of questions remain unanswered about the role and priorities of the Interim Chair of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). As such we welcome the focus of the Committee in this area and the opportunity to inform the line of questioning for the oral evidence session with John Kingman on 12 October.
Medical research charities: investing in research 2015
3 October 2016
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Our member charities spent over £1.4bn on research in the UK in 2015, (excluding capital funding for buildings and large equipment) and have invested nearly £10bn in research here in the UK since we started collecting data in 2008.  This briefing contains data and charts from the AMRC research expenditure database, which holds data from our member charities. We encourage you to make use of these charts or the underlying data. We are happy for our data to be used as presented, please ensure it is correctly attributed, and contact Rachel Burden with any queries. 
20 September 2016
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Medical research charities: our impact at a glance. An infographic sheet with key facts and figures about AMRC members to shine a spotlight on the innovative work of medical research charities.
Agenda for Essential Communications and Research Engagement Masterclass
16 September 2016
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Agenda for event on Tuesday 4 October.
Higher Education and Research Bill Briefing for Parliamentarians
13 September 2016
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This briefing is co-signed by 12 members, and was first disseminated to MP's in August 2016. 
A matter of life and death: how your health information can make a difference
12 September 2016
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This booklet brings to life some the ways in which health information is leading to advances in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions, as well as improvements to patient care.
AMRC's position statement on the use of health information for medical research
9 September 2016
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AMRC's updated position statement on the use of health information for medical research.
AMRC's response to the consultation on the National Data Guardian's review of data security, consent and opt-outs
9 September 2016
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We have submitted a response to the Department of Health's consultation on the National Data Guardian for Health and Care's review of data security, consent and opt-outs. Our response has been co-badged by 35 member charities.
AMRC position statement on exiting the European Union
9 September 2016
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Please note this is a working document, and will be amended where appropriate as negotiations on the UK exiting the European Union unfold.