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Science Communication Awards

Last reviewed 
15 December 2014

Every two years the AMRC Science Communication Awards showcase the best and most innovative of our member charities’ communications work.

Medical research is the UK’s most popular charitable cause, and supporters increasingly want to know how charities spend their money. Patients, their families, and others, look to our member charities for reliable high-quality information about medical research.

For this year’s competition, we looked for charities that have taken bold and innovative approaches to research communications and tackled controversial topics. The awards recognised great work which created a conversation between research funders, patients and the public.

Alzheimer's Research UK, this year's winner said of the awards:

Thanks for the amazing recognition we have received at the awards, we're blown away and incredibly proud of this achievement.

We care a lot about our sci-comms and love to bring to new ideas to the way we do things. The award makes many late nights of anxiety just before the launch of DementiaLab most worthwhile.