SMA Trust

We are the only UK charity solely dedicated to funding SMA research; furthering the understanding of the disease, finding potential therapies and developing centres of excellence that attract world-class scientists to SMA research. We also concentrate on translational research, by funding projects which speed progress towards clinical trials. This includes better collection and analysis of SMA patient data and the development of reliable measurements that can be used to assess how patients respond to potential new treatments in clinical trials.

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A registered charity in England and Wales (1097765)
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Spending on charitable activities in 2015 

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Spending on health research in the UK in 2015 
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HRCS Categories

The Health Research Classification System (HRCS) is a framework for classifying medical research grants by health category and type of research
  • Congenital disorders
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Neurological
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  • Clinical trial
  • Fellowship
  • Meetings
  • Other
  • Postgraduate studentship
  • Project
  • Studentship
  • Travel

Source: AMRC research expenditure database