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23 August 2017
A guest blog from our newest supporter Covance, the drug development division of LabCorp recently released on www.Covance.com from Jonathan Zhung, Group President of Clinical Development Commercialization Services discussing the importance of patient centricity within a CRO.
18 August 2017
Rebecca Torr, Senior Copy Editor at Research Media, the creative agency that helped develop AMRC's 'Making a difference' digital report, explains the importance of communicating the impact of your research and what innovative methods you can use to do this.
11 August 2017
Along with Public Health England and Alzheimer’s Society, Alzheimer’s Research UK ran an innovative pilot project which saw, for the first time, dementia risk reduction messages delivered to 40-64-year-olds during their NHS Health Check.
4 August 2017
Earlier this year, 8 March 2017, Parkinson’s UK and the University of Sheffield launched a new £1 million virtual biotech company, Keapstone Therapeutics, as part of a research programme to create novel medicines for Parkinson’s disease. Arthur Roach, Director of Research and Development at Parkinson’s UK spoke to AMRC about the partnership and the resulting spin-out company.
2 August 2017
Charities spend £1.6bn on medical research in the UK each year, but what impact does this research actually have? Rachel Burden, Data Analyst at AMRC explains.
13 July 2017
Sanjay Thakrar, Florence Todd Fordham, and Shefali Shah from Marie Curie explain how they used open source data and grant mapping to identify the gaps in current palliative and end of life care research.
12 July 2017
Today the Government published its response to the National Data Guardian for Health and Care Review of Data Security, Consent and Opt-outs.  
22 June 2017
To celebrate AMRC's 30th anniversary we spoke to Liam O'Toole, CEO at Arthritis Research UK (one of our founding members) about the benefits of AMRC membership, the changes that have occurred across the sector in the last 30 years and what is in store for the next 30 years.
8 June 2017
Victoria Barry, Communications, DigitalHealth.London, explains how collaboration between the creators and developers of digital technology for health and the charities relevant to their projects are answering many of the concerns commonly raised as obstacles to co-development, and demonstrating the mutual support benefits of shared enterprise.
30 May 2017
What do you get when you combine UK medical research organisations, a trip on the Eurostar and a research project looking at the value of UK medical research to EU science and health?